Monday, December 17, 2007

On the road

12.17-12.20 Madrid
12.20-12.24 Lisbon
12.24-12.26 Sevilla
12.26-12.27 Malaga
12.27-12.29 Granada
12.29-1.4 Barcelona
1.4-1.7 Roma
1.7-1.9 Firenze
1.9-1.12 Venezia
1.12-1.13 Milano
1.13 Home

See ya! =)


ara said...

너무 잘지내느냐고 나도 잊은거지?ㅋㅋ
여행중인가보구나 :)
조오케땅^ ^
카드도 보냇는데 받앗나 전화하려고 햇는데 알수도 없네-

santa said...

ooooooooh lucky you (:

heekyung said...

Happy happy new year!!! ddoongsammy kkk i'm home!!! from Munich ;) I already miss Jeekyoung ahah I have a surprise gift!!! Jeekyoung gave me them kk Jeekyoung is now in Frankfurt alone I'm considering going back to Frakfurt to meet her i badly miss Jangzzi and can't wait until 4th Jan!!! T^T T^T T^T

Viivi said...

Hi my dear flatmate !
Hope you enjoy your trip ! I wish you an happy new year 2008, full of love and happiness =) I hope you will find a true boyfriend this year ;-)
Miss you =)

jb said...

so, if i understand correctly, you must be in italie today!! it's so nice!! i hope you are having good time, but i'm sure!!

sorry, i realized that i did not give you my cup of tea, it is really sad, but i'm sure you can ask them to exchange!!

hope to see you soon

auré said...

My dear dear Sammy,

I really miss you. I hope you are doing a great trip...You have to tell me everything when you come back!

Te mando muchos muchos besos!
Hasta pronto!

auré said...


¿que tal? Well, I'm waiting for the pictures, comments, etc... of your trip. But I know you and I'm sure I will have to wait year 2009?? lol

I'm in Madrid right now, waiting for my period exams...I'm looking forward to know more about your trip....bye bye....

Ah! When you will be in the sauna remember

youngjoo said...

miss you so much........
when are you coming home..........

and post some pictures of OUR TRIP!!!!!!