Wednesday, October 31, 2007

10.31 Vivi's Crêpes

10.31 Vivi's Crêpes

Advantages of having a flatmate from Brittany??
Lots and lots of delicicious delicious delicious delicious crêpes!!!! >_<
As crêpes originated from Brittany and as my roommate is a faithful Brittany girl, Vivi decided to introduce us to the traditional, salty, straight from flour brought all the way from...France(actually not as far, but oh well) crêpes!

She made two Huge stacks, one stack of salty crêpes which were served with eggs, ham, sausage or cheese. Another stack of sweet crêpes which were served with honey, jam and nutella! ;) (Oh my god, just writing about it made my mouth water...-_-;;)

Bon appétit!
Compliments to the chef ;)
Well fed and happy
Virko & the French flour transporter, Dan (Vivi's boyfriend!!)
Vivi's helpful Korean assistants (They were skillfully inventing new types of crepes by the end of the night!)
I was already extremely happy after the wonderful crêpes, but almost died laughing when Stefania finished up the nutella jug with a special "throw crêpe in jug, smuge around, shove in mouth" technique!

Stefania, finishing up the nutella!

The feeding ceremony

Lucky for me, Stefania left me an exceptionally HUMONGOUS bite! Took me forever to stop laughing... Video of the final moment of the nutella. =)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

10.30 Halloween

10.30 Halloween

My all time favorite holiday!! Always loved halloween. Love trick or treating, jack-o-lanterns and of course the many many candys....................... Was really looking forward to going to the halloween party, which was being organized by international students at Kharma.. Changed my mind when it started to pour! T^T But finally Unni lent me a costume to wear so we braved ourselves into the rain... Kharma was empty at first but eventually filled up!

Pre-party in Vivi's room!

Unni! Costume supplier

Before, feeling awkward & cold

After, bring on the rain!

Ready for halloween =)

@ Kharma

On the way back home, wet but happy =)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

10.25-27 Riga

10.25-27 Riga

Went to Riga! =D Have to admit, didn't even know Latvia existed before coming to Finland... and yet, now am so excited to go!! (the advantages of studying abroad!) Went with Aurelie, Jenny and Eva. Was excited cause it was my first time to ride a Finnish train or leave Finland by plane. Ate a lot, laughed a lot and also slept tons! --;; Don't know what happened but was soooooooooo sleepy the whole trip. I slept everywhere........... Good trip! kkkkkk
-Again, too lazy to write lots(actually, can't remember details it's been so long;;) so am just going to post tons of photos... enjoy!

Train Tampereelle!

@ Tampere train station (excitement+over enthusiasm.. results in missing the bus)

@ The world's smallest, crappiest airport, Tampere airport (suffered from extreme boredom)

Our lovelier than expected hostel

In front of Riga tower(or tower that says Riga)

Caught up at the sight of alcohol

Market place in front of a church(can't remember which)

Don't judge!! (we were very lonely.....)

Confused at the sight of the "castle" (must have been the weirdest, tiniest, castle ever)

Riga............! =)

@ the beautiful lake

Riga. From summer to fall..

During one of my occasional siestas

Flower market

Our moody, candle-lit dinner

@ Red Fred's (well-known for their holding of 22 different sorts of beers)

Finally, the SUN in Riga (right before boarding the bus back home)

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Mental note..

Really need to STOP EATING!!!!

going to riga. see u =)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A post for Aurelie

A post for Aurelie!

I'm sorry i don't update my blog more often!
I am just soooooooooooooo lazy i can't get myself to do it..

But i still love you guys! =D

Monday, October 22, 2007

10.22 After-exam party

10.22 After-exam party

An after-exam party for the sports faculty! Although I had no exams...;; (nothing new there..)
It was a party that everyone kept saying you CANNOT miss but.. i missed....(was too busy doing nothing) oh well! kkk
But I did stop by at the after party which was ,so conveniently, held in Rentukka! (yay! so close to home!)

The concept of the party was........................
-Girls dressed up as wrestlers and boys dressed up as cheerleaders!! You all will be divided as groups with first year students and there willbe several tasks around the city you need to perform.. One task will be"swimming" so bring your swimming suit with you (this is THE ritual thatwill make you a real sport student, thats why this party is held inOctober so that the lake would be cold enough).
-After party will be held at Rentukka, there will be color codes:1st year YELLOW (this would be you!)2nd year WHITE3rd year RED4th year GREEN5th and older BLACK. After after party will be held in Lillukka.

So.. the party should have been fun..:)
The after party was also hilarious. Everyone was dressed in ridiculous clothes and was soooooooooo so drunk. (There was a girl dressed as a banana... a BANANA! and the butt? tail? of the banana was so plump and tempting that me and Sini kept wanting to grab on to it.. was hard to resist...;;;) I arrived around 12, and the party was totally out of control by then! kkkk

The best costume! Sini, wearing a nun outfit!! (seriously! where did she get that?!!!=D)

Claudio & Stefania

Javi, Stefania, Nicole & Martin

Emilio & Susana

The irresistible banana (don't have a clear shot T^T)

Friday, October 19, 2007

10.19 Birthday dinner

10.19 Birthday number 3

The final birthday event! I invited some friends over for a Korean dinner! With the help of my Korean friends, we successfully(?) cooked several typical Korean dishes. Was fun to watch everyone eat. Although some had difficulties in appreciating the spiciness, I was surprised to see how well everyone accepted and enjoyed Korean food!

Cooking away! (but was so inexperienced, I had to cook all day long with a bunch of help from friends in order to get everything done;;)

Susana, skillfully rounding rice balls (Now officially proven to be half Korean. Thanks again so much for the help! =))

All dressed up for my birthday =)

Bulgogi(sweet beef w/ vegetables) & Thukbokki-the most love/hated, spicy dish^^(noodles, rice cakes & eggs)

Salad, Gamjajun(potato pancakes), Joomukbab(rice balls w/ vegetables, meat & seaweed) & canape

More birthday gifts! >_<

Frauke, my lovely birthday mate!! (Have the same birthday^^!)

(clockwise) EJ, Vivi, Gaidig, Aurelie, Damien, Frauke, Lauri, Susana, Moonju, Stefania, Eva, Martin, Jenny, Rebecca, Rachel, Brent, Sini & Prudence (w/0 Fabrizio)

Everyone! squished in one room

The party continued in Fever. Met a bunch of other people from school who were also out for saturday night!

날 따라해봐요 요렇게~

Crazy night out

Was a good birthday..=D