Sunday, October 14, 2007

10.13-14 A Perfect Weekend =)

10.13 Shopping & Sunsets

Was a beauuuuutiful saturday.(Unlike the previous day in Tallinn-_-;;) Decided we wanted to go shopping for winter clothes! (We had suffered from the cold soooooo much in Tallinn that we decided we were in desperate need of winter clothes..) Did some very very successful shopping. Bought a lot of things for half price and stuff. Was so proud of myself =)

On our way to the center in gorgeous weather

Coffee break from all the shopping

Then, figured the weather was just too beautiful to pass and decided to go up Laajavuori, a ski resort near our house, to watch the sunset =) (But had to ride our bikes like crazy in order to make it in time for the sunset....kkkk)
However, we were just so excited that we didn't realize the weather was a bit misleading.. Didn't notice it was zero degrees untill we were sitting on top of the hill freazing ourselves to death! But seeing the sunset, it was definitely worth it..

In front of Laajavuori (Sweating and panting like crazy from our exhausting bike ride)

The lovely view from the top

We made it! (Was difficult to go up cause of the partly frozen rocks and my lack of leg muscles)

Not feeling the cold at all! (yet..)

Watching the sunset..

Starting to feel the cold....

Before) All happy and innocent with my red shoes

After) Practically frozen, cursing my stupid, thin, useless red shoes

The Jyvaskyla sunset

10.14 Virko's Breakfast

Woke up to another sunday breakfast at Virko's. He made banana pancakes with chocolate ice cream and coffee.... Was too good to be true for a sunday morning.

My favorite person of the day! Virko, the pancake supplier

The yummy yummy pancakes

JB and his morning stretching

The reason for waking up

Enjoying every bite (From our looks and hair and stuff, seems we all woke up at like 7 in the morning to eat the pancakes... in fact it was more like half past noon...--;;;)

Sleeping even better after breakfast (the lump = me)

Shopping, sunsets, pancakes and ice cream..
Adds up to a perfect weekend, don't you think? =)

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Sweetie Aurélaï said...

OHHH OHHH OHHH...what happens this weekend? You wrote a lot in your blog!! My godness, it's a good gift for me after coming back from Russia..Thanks a lot sammy, you're the best!

I miss u too!