Friday, October 19, 2007

10.19 Birthday dinner

10.19 Birthday number 3

The final birthday event! I invited some friends over for a Korean dinner! With the help of my Korean friends, we successfully(?) cooked several typical Korean dishes. Was fun to watch everyone eat. Although some had difficulties in appreciating the spiciness, I was surprised to see how well everyone accepted and enjoyed Korean food!

Cooking away! (but was so inexperienced, I had to cook all day long with a bunch of help from friends in order to get everything done;;)

Susana, skillfully rounding rice balls (Now officially proven to be half Korean. Thanks again so much for the help! =))

All dressed up for my birthday =)

Bulgogi(sweet beef w/ vegetables) & Thukbokki-the most love/hated, spicy dish^^(noodles, rice cakes & eggs)

Salad, Gamjajun(potato pancakes), Joomukbab(rice balls w/ vegetables, meat & seaweed) & canape

More birthday gifts! >_<

Frauke, my lovely birthday mate!! (Have the same birthday^^!)

(clockwise) EJ, Vivi, Gaidig, Aurelie, Damien, Frauke, Lauri, Susana, Moonju, Stefania, Eva, Martin, Jenny, Rebecca, Rachel, Brent, Sini & Prudence (w/0 Fabrizio)

Everyone! squished in one room

The party continued in Fever. Met a bunch of other people from school who were also out for saturday night!

날 따라해봐요 요렇게~

Crazy night out

Was a good birthday..=D

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jb said...

oh my god, you really really have to do another Korean dinner, i would kill for it !!!!!!!!!!!