Saturday, October 6, 2007

10.6 Lunch with Pasi

10.6 Pasi's lunch

Saturday. Pasi, a finnish friend I met in a course, invited me over to his house for lunch!
Always wondered what other buildings in Kortepohja looked like.
(Since I always hear that the international students live in
the crappiest buildings..)
Finally had a chance to see!
And find out that the rumor was true! -_-;;;

Pasi had a very very nice room.
TV and everything!
I was so incredibly jealous..T^T

Lunch was also good.
Played Zenga afterwards! Played twice and won twice.
Made Pasi very competitive... kkkk (Enjoyed every moment)

Living room/bed room


Yum yum! Potatoes and chicken

A bowl FULL of Ice cream.. made me very happy


Other events of the day.

Virko's pedal broke........... AGAIN!!!!!!!!!
Of course, unfortunate for him, right after he had paid
10 euros for it to be fixed the previous day.
Must have had a sain bike for about... 20 hours? -_-;;
He must be the unluckiest guy with bikes...
I laughed so hard.....................kkkkkkk

Could it get any worse? Poor Virko..

Also, Vivi got all fancy and dressed up for her finnish family dinner!

Ready to charm!


youngjoo said...

envvvyyyyy u the most!!!
hey guess what!! i finally bought the flight tickets! on dec 17th at 6 in the morning ill be in frankfrut and out on jan 23rd. how does that sound// hope you feel excited as much as i dooooooo!!!! missing you so bad. your happily cuttieeee cuttiiiee pics all make me laugh :)

은빈 said...

[A bowl FULL of Ice cream.. made me very happy ] 가장 인상적이었어 ....ㅋㅋㅋ

Anonymous said...

i'm here Sammy kk and you're doing your homework now guess who i am^^ all your pictures of foods and ice cream make me feel nicht so gut T^T i miss you and these days my english and Deutsch are mixed up and both are catastrophe kkk i want to try all these foods you posted here on your blog. and i wanna write something more but i feel 이 아니규 한국말로 쓰면..이 아니규.. ㅋㅋㅋ스카이프로 해야겟규 ㅋ
ㅋ miss you so much i feel it really bothered to think of all the long way to Frankfurt from Paderborn- what a 'country' it is really T^T