Wednesday, October 10, 2007

10.10 Italian dinner

(Feel so incredibly lazy to be posting a month old event but..can't help it...
i just blame it on the weather -_-;; kk)

10.10 Dinner with Italians! =)

So anyways!
Since Stefania and her 2 Italian boys, Claudio & Fabrizio, had invited us for dinner a few days ago, thought it would be nice to invite them over to our place this time!

Decided to go with an Italian theme and cook pizzas for them. (Yes! We dared to cook pizzas for Italians...kkk)
Cooked Korean style pizzas too!
Unni also made buulgogi and mandoo (still can't believe she made them) and it was sooooo incredibly good. Had missed Korean food a lot. Again, ate tons..............

Me, cooking! (probably for the first time;;)

Korean pizzs, bindaedduk

The food♡

Fabrizio and his girlfried from Italy!

Claudio, in the corner

Always eating.. Guilty but full!

Jenny, Vivi, Virko, Aurelie & Stefania

Korean girls, happy when full

Unni & Celine

Dinner filled with laughter =)

Vivi, what are you doing? kkk

Fighting to do the dishes.. What good guests!

Finished off the night with our good Damien singing for us!
Will always remember Damien whenever I hear "Stand by me" =)

Thank you Damien!! =D

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