Tuesday, October 2, 2007

10.2 Tortilla party

10.2 Tortilla party

Sorry about the delay of posts!
I'm just too "Soy una vaga" ^^;;
Spanish/Korean party held by Aurelie, Moonju & Susana.
Lots of good food and lots of good peoeple! =)

(Again, too lazy to write smart comments so.. just a bunch of pictures)

The table

Tortilla makers! Flauke & Susana

Crazy when fed, Sammy & Vivi

Identical! Kirsty & Shannon

Stefania, Ruby, Flauke
Twix =)
The heart of the event, Damien's dessert!!!
Was heaven..............

The star of the night
THE cake

When I've laughed too much...
Virko, locked out!
Group photo!! (w/o Susana, Gaidig & me)

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은빈 said...

새미 주저앉아 웃는 거 완전 웃기고ㅋㅋㅋ