Sunday, September 30, 2007

9.29-30 Relaxing weekends

Lovely Lovely weekends!
Quiet, but relaxing =)

9.29 Hair day
Pigged out in my room all day long.. till Gaidig came up with an event!
Helped Gaidig dye her hair!
With lots of luck, it didn't turn out blue..

All dressed up

9.30 Virko's Breakfast & Finnish family
Sunday morning, Virko cooked breakfast for us!
Fruit, baked french toast and most importantly, COFFEE!!
Was worth waking up for..
At least, untill he gave me his special coffee....'-';;

Skillfully(?) flipping the toast!

In the afternoon, I met my finnish family for coffee.
(After three cups of coffee, one being special coffee, felt like throwing up all day long kkkkk)
Was invited to their house and ate pulla that the children had made.
Also went sightseeing around the city by car.

The house

Homemade pulla

The youngest, Vera (4)

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