Sunday, September 16, 2007

Love and Obsession, my bike

Just wanted to introduce my bike. >ㅁ<
Had to wait ages for it.
I literally had to cry for my bike.
But still it's okay cause I seriously LOVE my bike!!

My bike's name is 징징이.(meaning the sound of whining in Korean) Because I had to whine sooooo much for it, I just thought it would be the only suitable name. =) I can't believe what a difference a bike can make in my day. Walking itself isn't that terrible but it just takes so much time. I feel so liberated on my bike I feel that I can do anything. kkk I have had no problems with it so far and hope I will successfully enjoy a fabulous year at Jyvaskyla with my bike! (I'll die if it breaks!!!)

1 comment:

Chong-Kyung said...

Bike seems to be so new and nice that I want to take ride it. You are so lucky to have that one.