Monday, September 17, 2007

9.13-17 NEVER long enough weekends

The second week went by in a blur. Classes started on monday but I only had a Finnish course so.. not too bad... Had a lot of time to kill. Also, I have no class on friday so my weekends start on thursday night. But even so.. weekends always feel WAY too short.

9.13 Rentukka

Went to Rentukka(a pub?bar? in Kortepohja) for a drink to celebrate our succesful first week! Always was like.. who actually goes to Rentukka?!! -_-
Went to find out that in fact NO ONE goes there.. Stayed only to use the free drink ticket we got for signing our lease. (Somehow, didn't feel that lucky)

After free drinks

9.14 Kharma

Tried the sauna located on the first floor of our building.
Was really relaxing and comfortable.

Feeling good, looking bad

After that...
Friday night out!!

Went to Khrama cause I REALLY wanted to go dancing. However, everyone had turned useless after the sauna.-_- Kept saying they were tired so I practically dragged everyone out of thier rooms..--;;; kkk

Khrama had 4?5? rooms with different music for each room. Atmosphere seemed pretty much the same as Korea. Was kinda uncomfortable cause most were finnish and we sort of stood out. But.. met some friends from school. =)

Tired Vivi, Eva, Aurelie & a totally excited me

Marco, Javi, Emilio, Me, Vivi & Aurelie

9.15 Movie night

Rained all day..T^T Stayed home cleaning. Went to the sauna again and stayed for 2 hours^^;; By the time we were home, we were practically on cloud 9. So relaxed and cleansed that we just wanted to stay home and lie around watching tv. (Or in our case, illegally copied tv series on a 15 inch laptop)

All stuffed in one room

The only boy! Lucky Damien

But the event got bigger than planned.. Was hilarious. Started out with 5 but by the end, 10 people were squashed in a room staring at a 15 inch laptop in pitch black for 3 hours.

My absolute FAVORITE photo.. Sorry Gaidig! =)

Hail to the lucky boy!

9.17 Alvar Aalto swimming pool

On sunday, we decided we had eaten too much and needed some exercise. We went to the swimming pool that was designed by the famous Finnish architect, Alvar Aalto. It had 8 swimming pools, 2 saunas and a gym. All for 5 euros! Loved it! Stayed for 4 hours...kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

My favorite, the slide

In the wave pool

After swimming, we were famished! Went straight to Kebab House and ate in complete silence.

Prepare to dig in!

We talked about Cold Stone while we were eating. What a mistake... Talking about something I knew I couldn't have!! Stopped by the video store to get Ben&Jerry's instead. Was good enough. =)

My lovely lovely ice cream!!!

Ah, if only life was filled with weekends.


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