Friday, September 28, 2007

9.28 Apple Crumble >_<

9.28 Gaidig's Apple Crumble

Gaidig made apple crumble!
From scratch!!!!
The girl of the night! Gaidig
So we all made some food and got together in my room
to eat dinner and enjoy the apple crumble for dessert.
I was very impressed. It was so good!! T^T
The lovely lovely apple crumble
Our feast!
Feeling left out? Damien, excluded from the kitchen by the girls
Ate a lot.
Laughed too much!
Lovely night =)


Sweetie Aurélaï said...

I'll kill you...Have you seen my face on the photo'?? I'll do a revenge!!

But I have to congratulate you to put more photos in your were very late!!!

Mint said...

you mentioned only food zzzz//