Saturday, September 22, 2007

9.20 Stammitch Party

9.20 Stammitch Party

A party at last!! An ESN organized party held at Rentukka. (Don't know why I keep laughing my head off at the very thought of a party at Rentukka!) The theme was Finnish sports so tutors were dressed in various finnish sport uniforms.

Finnish baseball uniforms
With Sini
Prue invited us to come over for pizza before going to rentukka.Found out that the other buildings were soooooo much better than the M building..T^T (I want a balcony too!) Started drinking before the party so arrived at rentukka in a dark shade of red.
Drunk before leaving?

Rianna, Prue, Beck, Susana & Nicole
Arrived at 10. Wasn't much fun then.. Only got interesting when people started to dance.I always enjoy parties for international students. Fun while relaxing at the same time.We all danced the night away! =) Had to leave only cause they stopped playing music..;;

Gaidig, Me & Susana
Gathering up strength to dance!
Lookin Sharp! Demien & Vivi
Ready to dance?

Some people(actually, French people) came over to our flat afterwards. Smoked a water cigarette thingy. Smelled nice.

Looking forward to the next Stammitch! :)


ara said...

쌔미 술한잔 햇구나?ㅋㅋ 얼굴이 발그레 :)

Anonymous said...

야 빨리 메일체크하고 답해줘!!!빨리빨리!!ㅋㅋㅋ -영주