Saturday, September 15, 2007

9.3-9 My first week in Jyvaskyla


A brief look back at my first week in Jyvaskyla.

Sightseeing !

The first few days were pretty basic.
Awkward smiles, uncomfortable silences, forgetting each and every name you hear.. The usual.
Went to a bunch of orientation programs the school organized for us.
Was a real dragg.. Can't remember a single thing I heard. ^^;;

9.6 Pub Crawl !!!

Had so much fun at the pub crawl! Met a lot of new ppl. Started out at one pub.. Ended up going to three, plus a club called 'Fever'. Enjoyed every bit of it.. especially dancing cause the music was hilarious. After three drinks, I realized I was dancing the Macarena !!! kkk

Me, EJ & Becky

Me(starting to turn scarlet), Eva & Vivi

Jenny, EJ & Eva

9.7 Bike day

The day I waited 12 miserable hours for my lovely bike. Went to the lake for a bit of sightseeing while I was waiting. Was happy then.. Didn't know what was coming... Although the waiting wasn't as pleasant, all was good in the end. I was practically flying while riding my bike home =)

Happy.. for now

My lovely flatmate, Vivi =)

9/8 The Ultimate Sauna Experience !

Another school organized event that I loved. The sauna we went to was located in a wooden cabin that was right next to a huge, gorgeous pond. After steaming in the sauna, we ran(actually, I was cold so I walked) to the lake and jumped in.
The lake was so cold nobody could stay in for even a minute but still it was amazing. Felt all completely cleansed and perfect!!!

Wonder if i'll be brave enough to jump in when it's frozen...

The giant pond

Enjoying the moment !

Saturday night out !

After the totally relaxing sauna, we went out for a drink to the city center. Had planned to go to another club, but gave up cause of the ridiculously long queue. T^T

Finally everyone on bikes, yay!

Aurelie, Susana, me & Vivi

Happy or drunk?

9.9 Potluck dinner

Invited some friends over for dinner. Was kind of chaos cause we weren't actually equipped to invite guests. Had to be-mattress(?) a bed and spread newspapers all over it to use it as a table. Despite the shortage of plates and silverware, we had lots and lots of food so the dinner turned out better than we had planned! =)

My yet crappy room, plus Vivi's furniture

Our first feast

Vivi, Angela, me, Eva, Jenny & Aurelie

Survived my first week..
I think i'm okay.


ara said...

꺄ㅡ 클럽도 갓엇어?ㅋ 그곳클럽문화 어때?ㅋㅋ

Mint said...

완전 잘 놀고 있네!!!!!!!

이새미 said...

그곳 클럽문화도 우리나라랑 비슷하다고 봐ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ