Saturday, September 15, 2007

9.11 Wall Climbing

9.11 Wall climbing
The wall
For the first time in my life I went wall climbing ! It was so much fun !!!(Although I only got to like half and was screaming like hell.) The trip to the wall climbing place wasn't as pleasant. 7 of us had to fit in one car so I ended up sitting in the front seat.. on Prue's lap. It was so uncomfortable and I felt worse for Prudence (Sorry!) Felt like one of those clowns in a circus where they shove like 30 people into a miniature car.

Excited ! Javi belaying

The expert.. Cole belaying

Totally relaxed.. Prue & Emilio

Me, making an effort (actually, clinging to wall praying for heaven's sake)

Still I had a lot of fun and would definetely like to come back and try again. Hopefully, pratice will make perfect ! :)


Anonymous said...

SOrry only one question, where is this place? I found your blog on internet and i´m now in Finland and I want go to some place to climb but i couldn´t find any place.Is it in Finland? where? thank you.My e-mail thank you

Qiana said...

Great work.