Tuesday, October 30, 2007

10.30 Halloween

10.30 Halloween

My all time favorite holiday!! Always loved halloween. Love trick or treating, jack-o-lanterns and of course the many many candys....................... Was really looking forward to going to the halloween party, which was being organized by international students at Kharma.. Changed my mind when it started to pour! T^T But finally Unni lent me a costume to wear so we braved ourselves into the rain... Kharma was empty at first but eventually filled up!

Pre-party in Vivi's room!

Unni! Costume supplier

Before, feeling awkward & cold

After, bring on the rain!

Ready for halloween =)

@ Kharma

On the way back home, wet but happy =)

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Auré said...

Estas muy guapa con tu vestido negro....que fotos te has hecho con uno, eh??

Que te den!....