Thursday, October 18, 2007

10.18 Surprise Birthday

10.18 Birthday number 2.

So..! after a good birthday morning, just had an ordinary day.. eating lunch, playing with friends, moping around not wanting to go to class..
And since I had decided to do my birthday party the next day, I wasn't expecting any more birthday related events...

then, SURPRISE!!!!!!

My lovely friends threw me a surprise birthday party! right in my own room!
i hadn't suspected a thing and it was so nice it brought me to happy tears...=)

My favorite! the "Sammy" birthday balloons =D

Martin, Eva & Jenny

Busy with preperation

The final touch!

My unforgettable 21th birthday presents

A video of my happiest birthday..=)

In tears of joy =)

Officially 21!

The incredibly good birthday cakes by Moonju, Vivi & Gaidig

I was not only lucky enough to get TWO birthday cakes, but also got the most adorable presents! Food-scented candles, a necklace&ornament, an "I hate MONDAYS" sign(which of course, everyone wrote i hate mondays in their own language on the back), a dog and......................... a boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!! >0
Me, cracking up while winding up my new dog.. plan to take it jogging every morning ;)

Getting acquainted with my new boyfriend, Mikko (My finnish boyfriend Mikko was noticed by my frineds while working in Antilla)

My huge doggy birthday card (Everyone chose a dog that resembled him/herself and wrote a lovely message!^^)

My room after the party

I thank all my friends once again for the wonderful birthday.
It's good to be 21 with you guys............... =D

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