Friday, October 12, 2007

10.11-12 Tallinn

10.11-12 Tallinn

Finally! A trip out of Jyvaskyla! =D
A huge group of 17 people decided to go to our neighboring country, Estonia!
Took a boat from Helsinki to Tallinn..
A bunch of good people, an excellent local Estonian guide, a night on a boat...
Thought it would be the perfect trip.
However.............. turned out our trip had a teeny, tiny, minor flaw.
Not only did it rain, but it STORMED all day long! I don't even remember what Tallinn looked like cause I was sooooooo freakin cold! T^T
But all in all, was a lovely trip that I will never ever forget. =)

On the way to Helsinki

Group shot! Before boarding the boat

On the boat, all excited and crazy

In the boat cabin

Members of cabin 1

Happy with our Estonian guide

On the deck

Livin la vida loca! Singing the night away

Crazy night on the boat

Group shot! celebrating our successful arrival in Tallinn

Breakfast in Tallinn

Tervetuloa to Estonia =)

Rain, Rain, go away

The rain can't stop us!

In the middle of the city

@ the unbelievably good pancake house (Miss the pancakes T^T)

Going up the ridiculously long flight of stairs of the viewing tower

On top! (There was soooooo much wind that I seriously thought we would fly off the incredibly loosely secured fence and all crack our heads open and die)

After surviving the life-threatening viewing tower
Waiting for the boat, delayed by the storm

Group shot, we're back in Helsinki!

If you think I'm joking about the weather, I'm sure this video will prove my point! (This is only a teeny peek of what we had suffered...kkkk)

Truely a trip to remember =)

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Anonymous said...

its youngjoo
i feel like we are living in a totally different world and yours is full of 훈남s ....
i dont know what is wrong with me but it just keeps coming out!!!
all im saying is i envy you the most amd happy for you!!! kkkk
and we need a talk, right?
i did some research on our trip! =)
just to remind you, i will be your gril in 32 days!!! 꺅!!!!!
ill be on online wating for you, ok??? talk to you later>ㅅ<

plus, 너 왜 자꾸 예뻐져?!@@!!@!!!!!