Thursday, November 15, 2007

11.15 Hippies

11.15 Hippies Stammitch

Peace n' Love! Already another stammitch!
Pre-party at JB's house.. Met his lovely girlfriend and ate tosi tosi tosi good food! =)

JB's dinner! yum yum

302 boys!

JB's girlfriend Florence, all the way from spain!

The happy host, JB

JB making smoke doughnuts!

Getting ready!

Peace n' love!

Sad to be labeled as a green heart..(green-single/orange-i dont know/red-taken!)

Tosi tosi tosi tosi tosi happy!!! (aka tosi drunk..kkkk)

Was my favorite stammitch =)

1 comment:

jb said...

nice party and nice dinnnnnnnnnnnner!! But korean food was better although a little bit spicy..

The happy host! (i quite like that nickname!!)