Sunday, November 11, 2007

11.9-11 Dublin day 2

11.9-11 Dublin day 2

Second day.

Planned to wake up at 9 and start the day fresh. Bad plan.. Ended up waking at 11 and leaving the house a bit past noon.(Felt bad for Evan since he woke up as planned and had to wait 3 hours for us...-_-;; sorry!)

Well rested and happy before leaving


The lake right behind our dorm

After a looooooooooooooong walk around the pretty small lake, we arrived at the very important Guinness factory! Liked it despite the expensive entrance fee and long queue.. The tour was so detailed and descriptive that by the end we were extremely thirsty!
That's when the gravity bar comes in. At the end of the tour we were led to the top of the factory for a free pint of guinness and a beauuuuutiful view of the whole city! Did the usual. Enjoyed 1/3 of my guinness, turned scarlet and fell asleep on the bar for half an hour...... oh well.

Freaked out by the loong queue.. Had to wait 40 minutes to enter

Poetry in a pint of Guinness!

The beautiful sky from the gravity bar

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (또는, 캬아아아아아아아아!)

Me, suddenly used as a human coat hanger..(Just so Evan could take good pictures of himself..I refuse to post any of them!kkk)

Guinness man! (The souvenir shop was so tempting..)

Dulin's sunset

Met up with Evan's friends in the evening. As good food was crucial in our travel, we selected our dining places with great care. Went to a bar/restaurant that won awards and stuff. Although the food was ok, personally enjoyed my junk food more..-_-;;

Bar of the year 2007

Stew & Fish n' chips

After another successful purchase of percy pigs

Salmiakki killer (she actually liked it!!!!!!! ate like half the box or something.. we called her a freak for the rest of the trip..)

Since we had been eating non-stop, decided we needed some excercise. Followed the river and walked around the city until we were cold and hungry again.... Loved the nights of Dublin. It was very very beautiful..

Sights of Dublin


Guess who's taller! kkkkk

Us doing weird things (probably cause we were hungry again..)

At a very crowded pub

With more guinness

Still think my shoes are the prettiest...

Noodles at 2am! (with 김치..............ㅠ_ㅠ오빠들이 끓여준 라면 너무 맛잇엇다ㅠ)

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jb said...

so nice pictures....particularly the ones with your shoes......
did you get drunk drunk to the guiness factory???