Wednesday, November 7, 2007

11.7 First Snow

11.7 First Snow

Finally! First snow in Jyvaskyla!! >_< Although I'm not a huge fan of snow, it was nice to see everything so white and sparkely. =) Was totally freaked at the thought of riding my bike in the snow so.. used it as a good excuse to skip a few classes..^^;; The girls made snowmen and me and Virko polished up our snowball throwing skills in the middle of the night!

All psyched before our first bike ride in the snow

Frosty, gone bad....drinking and smoking (Even grew a mohawk later-_-)

The creators of Frosty =)

Hard training for snow fights

Virko, looking proud of our results

Now it really feels like winter.........

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Anonymous said...

Sammy, I am finally back to home after two weeks of total isolation from outside world. Results? gained lots of weights.

You seem to have lots of fun.