Monday, November 12, 2007

11.9-11 Dublin day 3

11.9-11 Dublin day 3

Took soooo many pictures it's just too hard to choose. So I just posted them all.. Enjoy! =)

Third day.

Since it was our last day and had so much left to do, we planned again to wake up early. hmmm guess what.......-_- Failed once more and ended up leaving around noon;;
But we were still happy cause the weather was truely perfect! Evan took us to the street he'd been boasting about ever since we'd arrived in Dublin. The whole street was filled with doors, all different colors and designs. Liked it a lot, it was so so pretty. =) Took bunches and bunches of photos! (Took us an hour to pass this street when in real, it would have took only 5 minutes............;;;)

Perfect weather, all sunny and warm

The moment we'd all feared! (luckily, the owners didn't mind.. i think)

Endless pictures of the colorful doors

With the pretty pretty kitty ♡

Due to the absence of a morning, we canceled most of our afternoon plans and decided to just relax instead. Shopped a bit and ate lunch(along with a siesta) in one of Dublin's most famous shopping streets, enjoyed the lovely weather in St. Stefan's green park along with another bunch of endless photos, and went to the national gallery of Ireland. (Though we arrived too late and was kicked out of the gallery in 10minutes..)

Grafton street

Clean, new shoes hanging above the street... talk about wierd!

Lunch at Captain America's!

St. Stephan's Green

The National Gallery of Ireland

Came home to a nice surprise. Evan's friends had cooked Korean food for us!! Ah was soooo good.. Wondered if the trip could get any better. Turned out it could! Since my plane was at 7am the next day, I'd planned to spend the night in the airport. But Evan wouldn't allow it and let me crash at his place for one more night. Thanks so much again!! =)

요리책보고 요리하신 오빠들 ㅋㅋㅋ

Korean dinner! 닭두부두루치기? 맛있었다..ㅜ_ㅜ

The bit crowded bedroom

A good trip.

Bye bye Dublin...

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santa_still_kickin said...

Did I tell u thats a lot of pictures?
yeeeees, but theyre all good, even
my favorite is there, the strange
and confusing shoe picture. (=