Thursday, November 8, 2007

11.8 Pimps and Hoes

11.8 Pimps and Hoes

Another stammitch! Crazy theme, crazier party! Never would have thought people would take dressing up for stammitch this seriously! kkkk Loved everybody's outfits!(although some were just scary..) Had to go to Dublin the next day so didn't stay forever, but had lots of fun =)

Ready or not, here we come!

With dear Damien

Jose, so pretty!

My favorite hoes, Unni & Peter(loved his thong!)

Cole and her(?) pimp, Istvan

With JS kkkk

Felt a bit scared at this point..

With the prettiest girls of the night

Stephanie & Gaidig

Vivi, Jenny & Eva

The perfect pimp! Susana & Maria

Arno, Jonathan and me

The Hoe's musical chairs

Bye bye! Untill the next Stammitch! =D

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