Sunday, November 11, 2007

11.9-11 Dublin day 1

11.9-11 Dublin day 1

Yay! A trip to Ireland!!! Decided to meet up with my best friend who's living in England and go to Dublin. Had lots of fun. Used too much Korean. (Still haven't recovered from all the Korean I used this weekend.. Can't speak English anymore T^T)

We had trouble finding a place to stay due to our total laziness and procrastination of booking hostels. Seriously thought we were going to end up sleeping on the streets.. But we got really really lucky cause we found out three days before we were leaving that my friend's friend was studying in Dublin and was able to offer us his room. Yay again! Thanks to him we had a room to crash and a local guide 24/7. Met him one day and it was enough to feel like we'd been friends for 10 years. =)

First day.

Arrived around 4 in the center of Dublin. Met Evan and walked around the city a bit. Was very happy with the warm weather. (핀란드에서 왔다는 티 안내려고 젤 얇은 옷만 가져갔었음..-_-;;;ㅋㅋㅋ)

Landed! Dublin, here we come =D

ah! Found my friend! =)
Beautiful beautiful weather
First offical shot together in Dublin! (Shame we look like shit..kk)
With our guide, Evan

Dublin, at the tip of our fingers!

The famous Temple bar

Sights of Dublin

Got real tired real soon cause of all the flying and walking so we found a spot next to the city hall and just sat there talking and eating percy pigs.. (In case for some crazy reason you don't know percy pigs, they are gummie pigs from Marks&Spencer and the best pigs you'll ever eat!)

Extremely happy with our Percy pigs!!!

A percy pig moment
Our favorite spot!

I think my shoes are the prettiest.........=)

In our first irish pup
Got excited again when we found out that Evan had a real good dorm filled with lots and lots of food. Again ate tons, drank the famous Guinness beer and met some more Korean friends of Evan's. I had brought some salmiakki from Finland as a souvenir. We laughed sooooooooo hard watching everyone spit it out that security had to come to shush us up..-_-;;;
Could I look any happier? kkkkk

A mix of Ireland(Guinness), Finland(Salmiakki) and Korea(쥐포)

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oh my god, i love so much this city!!!!!!!!