Sunday, November 4, 2007

11.1-4 St.Petersburg Weekend

11.1-4 St.Petersburg Weekend

Long weekend ahead!! Since everyone had gone to St. Petersburg for the weekend, it was only me, Vivi, Virko, Gaidig and Aurelie left in all of Kortepohja! (But Vivi and Dan also left for Helsinki so it was actually only me, Virko, Gaidig and Aurelie) Did absolutely NOTHING productive, but managed to entertain ourselves with each other's company. =)

11.1 Virko's dinner

Weekend started on thursday evening with expensive chicken and bread cooked by Virko. (FYI, chicken is soooooo expensive in Finland! Mierda..) It was EXTREMELY good after a looooooong day of 2hours baseball, 6hours of class and jogging. (I know all my friends who know me well are laughing and doubting me at this point, but it's true! I really played Finnish baseball AND went jogging!)

A perfect start to a looong weekend =D

운동 후 더욱 꿀맛인 저녁 ㅠ_ㅠ

Chicken w/ spicy sauce, rice and really really really good bread

11.2 Evening at Aurelie's

The losers who couldn't make it to Russia gathered up in Aurelie's room for some fun of our own. Smoked the water pipe thingy, ate tons of junk food, listened to good music and talked the night away.. =)

Aure with the oh so popular water pipe thingy

DJ of the night, Gaidig carefully choosing the music

The Losers.. Aurelie, Virko, Damien, Vivi, Dan(missing from pictures), Gaidig and me(for some reason, looking very happy)

11.3 Coach potato day

Nothing more to say............. We stayed like this ALL day long... watching TV and just laying around! Good times =D kkkk

11.4 Korean dinner

Since Virko had cooked for me so many times(and since I had all the time in my life this weekend), I decided to make Korean sushi(Kimbab) and Miso soup for dinner. Didn't go as well as planned, but oh well...

Struggling with the food

Tada!! My first Kimbab! (Although they turned out to be quite ugly T^T)

Virko, Mikko and Aurelie

Thought it would be such a long, lonely weekend........ but turned out to be one of the best, thanks to my lovely friends =)

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